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        Legal translation requires high accuracy, professionalism and interpreters. Now Beijing Translation Company will tell you what the basic requirements of legal translation are.


        1、法律翻译的要求精炼性,翻译法律文件还应遵循精练的要求,即用少量的词语传达大量的信息,简单、扼要的语言是立法最好的语言,这是立法者应遵循的一条原则。 So should the translation of legal documents. We should try our best to avoid verbal translation and procrastination.


        2. In legal translation, attention should be paid to the accuracy in the process of translation. Accuracy is the basis of legal English translation. In fact, no matter what style is translated, faithfulness to the original text and accurate expression of the original text are the basis of translation. Because law is a social norm formulated or approved by the state organs, accuracy is the most important for the translation of legal English in order to make people understand the content of law accurately. Then, in the process of translation, we must make the expression of legal provisions accurate, conclusive and rigorous.


        3. Legal translation should pay attention to the solemn requirement of words. Law is the embodiment of the will of the class and group that controls the state power. It has distinct policy and authority. In order to maintain the seriousness of the law, laws and regulations strive to be accurate in wording and sentence-making, formal in wording and rigorous in meaning. Unlike literary works, there are gorgeous words and rich modifiers, and it is impossible to use metaphors, exaggerations and euphemisms.


        4. The legal text is a very special genre. It is different from the writing of general articles in terms of words and sentences. Its syntactic structure is complex, its content is difficult to understand, and it involves a large number of special terms. Legal documents, especially contracts and agreements drafted by commercial law firms, cover a wide range of fields, such as law, economy, commerce, trade, finance, securities, insurance, taxation, warehousing, transportation, customs, commodity inspection, environmental protection and intellectual property rights.


        5. Attention should be paid to the same legal requirement in legal translation. In order to maintain the same concept, connotation or thing in the process of legal translation and avoid ambiguity, words must be unified once they are selected. Lack of consistency and identity in legal English translation will undoubtedly confuse legal concepts and make readers unnecessarily guess the differences between different words, thus affecting the accuracy of law. Don't be afraid to repeat a word after it has been approved.


        6. Legal translation requires strict professional standards for interpreters.

        (1)法律翻译译员必须在法律和经济方面 积累足够的背景知识,这一点非常重要。

        (1) It is very important for legal translators to accumulate sufficient background knowledge in legal and economic fields.


        (2) Legal translators should possess all the necessary abilities to engage in general translation, namely, bilingual competence, bilingual competence and a wide range of knowledge.


        (3) A qualified legal translator must be a qualified legal interpreter. To overcome not only the obstacles of legal language, but also the gap of legal culture, he must stand at the height of legal interpretation so that he can carry out legal translation with ease.


        (4) If the translator lacks legal knowledge, he will encounter great difficulties in reading and understanding legal documents, especially in expressing them. Therefore, legal workers must have as much knowledge of law and economy as possible. In order to adapt to and be competent for law revision, translators need to learn legal knowledge, consult relevant reference materials and consult lawyers who are skilled in relevant fields. In this sense, the process of legal translation is also a process of legal learning.


        7. We should lay special emphasis on the sense of responsibility of legal translators. Legal translation is a serious job. It can't tolerate a little carelessness. Sometimes it's a little bit different. It can be lost thousands of miles. The result may well mean legal disputes.

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